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Secunia Survey

Secunia Survey

Secunia would like to invite you to participate in an electronic survey
evolving the usefulness of our mailing lists. To value your effort
Secunia will offer you free access to the Secunia Security Manager for
three months as well as have a prize draw for an iPod nano.

We hope that you will give us a few minutes of your time, as your
response will help us provide you with better services in the future.
The questionnaire contains 19 questions and it takes approximately 5
minutes to answer the questionnaire.

The survey is being conducted in accordance with the general Secunia
Security Policy and your answers will of course be kept strictly

Best regards,
Niels Henrik Rasmussen
CEO Secunia

p.s.: класс! заполнил их анкету. жду инвайта в Secunia Security Manager. интересно, а сколько стоит платная подписка?
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